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Hi there, I'm Jessica - you're probably thinking what's the m i u s e .. * see explanation down below*. I grew up in a tiny town in South Carolina but always said I'm a city girl at heart. Los Angeles is currently home. I'm always down for an adventure and have the tendency to film a lot of things & never getting around to editing the footage to making cool video diaries (working on this - I promise). I started this blog during the summer of 2014 as a creative outlet to document my travels, personal style, life miusings and now.. LA adventures. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy! xx

Behind the Name
   Miu Ling noun 
   : the middle name I was given at birth by my parents (thanks mom & dad) 
   : in Chinese means wonderful and tinkling (of jade) - I'll leave it up to your interpretation ;) 

   muse noun
   : a source of inspiration 

   Therefore, combining both "Miu Ling" and "muse" gave birth to the word... Miuse