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Plants, palm trees, succulents, cactus .. literally anything green, green juice? salads? the green crayon in your box  of 24 Crayola crayons?? Is all the rage on Instagram, Tumblr, blogs, etc. To me it's kind of humorous (actually I LOVE IT) to see everyone posting plants on their feed, I mean come on #plantgoals !! Here's a little Saturday afternoon post for you guys featuring some of my lush foliage pictures I recently took.  Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! It's almost Chinese New Year, so Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates it!! xx 

Also a little side note: I recently created a second account @miuspirations for inspiration pictures - more like architecture, landscapes, plants (lol), vibes pictures .. basically less #ootd pics and more #inspo pics, give it a follow - I promise there will some awesome pics on it very soon from my upcoming NYC trip.  

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