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San Francisco will always be one of my favorite cities, definitely top 5. I'd highly recommend visiting the city at least once in your lifetime. I've had the opportunity to visit the city twice prior to this recent trip with Camilla and Sydney and it was by far the best visit (huge thanks to Sydney for being the best SF tour guide)! First time was to visit a friend from high school and the second time was with my dad before heading down to LA for the big move. My dad absolutely fell in love with the city (it had a lot to do with the large Chinese community and SF's Chinatown). 

We left LA Friday at 5am to start the drive up to SF. We decided to take the shorter route up and then take the scenic route down - can't wait to share the pictures from the drive down *absolutely breathtaking*.  We basically saw all of SF in two days - did all the touristy things like Fishermans Wharf, clam chowder at Boudin Bakery, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Painted Ladies, Treasure Island, Clarion Alley, etc.

I definitely want to visit the city more this year. It's a nice way to escape the crazy LA life and spend a weekend in a different city. San Fransisco is and will always be one of my favorite cities. If you've been to SF before, what are some of your favorite spots - restaurants, coffeeshops, places to shop, photo spots, etc.?  If you guys want to check out more photos and get a sneak peak into the California coast pictures, visit my Instagram @themiuse. Thanks for reading :) 
Hi there, remember me? Guess who's back, back again!! It's been quite sometime since my last last* post - I was celebrating my very 1st month in Los Angeles!! I've been in LA for about 8 months, craziness!! Time really does fly by when you're having fun. The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. So thankful for the holidays to refresh and recharge. I'm currently home on the East Coast for the holidays, so thought it'd be a great time to catch up on blogging/editing . 

I've been wanting to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market since moving to LA. Ask anyone who's met me in LA - I've probably mentioned once or three times about going. Finally got to go with my little sister when she came and visited me during her winter break. Camilla is quite the treasure hunter, always finding gems in thrift shops or even TJ Maxx, yes - she's a Maxxinista. I'd highly recommend going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market; it's a great way to spend a chill Sunday morning and then head over to Old Town Pasadena for lunch. The flea market goes on every 2nd Sunday of the month - starts at 9AM and tickets costs $8.00. For more info, you can visit their website

We went into the flea market looking for treasures and left with a handful of succulents, an air plant, volcanic ash pot for the air plant, a couple of iron on patches and a classic lumberjack plaid flannel. Again, highly recommend going to the flea market at least once or even every month, if you're in the treasure hunting mood! I'm definitely planning to visit again in January, January 10th to be specific. Just a final flea market visit tip - if you're planning to try on shorts/pants (there's stalls on stalls of Levi's shorts & high waisted jeans), I'd recommend wearing a dress - so it's easier to try things on. Let me know in the comments if you guys like going to flea markets and what you're usually on the hunt for.