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It's been awhile to say the least, so this is a much needed update post for everyone including myself. As you can probably tell from the title above, I've moved to LA! Those are words, I never thought I would say, ever. Before LA, I never dream or really pictured myself living in Lala land. It's quite an intimidating city if you really think about it, a city spread across 5,000 square miles, 2nd most populous city in the US with 4 million inhabitants and everyone is hustling (really just sitting in traffic) to pursue their big dreams of being a movie star, screenwriter, musician, artist, designer and the list goes on and on. Plus, I've never visited the city prior to the move or really know anyone here... yikes.

This move has been overwhelming at times but exciting for the most part. I moved for a fashion internship opportunity and because there wasn't anything for me back home in South Carolina. I'm excited to document and share my journey in the City of Angels. Currently, I'm trying to find a photographer to work with to help me shoot outfit photos, if anyone knows of someone looking to practice shoot - please email me!! Also, I've been working on redesigning the look of the blog. So yeah, these are just a few of my LAgrams I've took since moving here. If you want to see more follow me @themiuse. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, stay tuned for more updates xx

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