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Just wanted to take the time out and write up a little update post. I'm currently enjoying a few days exploring/ seeing friends in San Francisco before heading down to LA (a place I will *shortly* call home). Just from the past day and a half, I can already tell what a wonderful city SF is. It has the perfect weather, the amazing food and everything you could possibly want to do... I guess the only downside is that it's a pricey city to live in. I can definitely see myself living here - then again, I have a long list of places I would like to call home someday, so I'll just jot down this one to the ever growing list. I'll be sure to post a photo filled post once I get settled in my place in LA. Wishing everyone a great week ahead xx

Now with weather warming up and the grand appearance of the sun, it's time to talk SPF. For starters, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Personally, I like to use sunscreen all year round - rain or shine. I think it's important to protect our skin because let's face it, we are only given one skin. These are two of my favorite sunscreens: Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 30 & Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector for Face SPF 42.  I'm super fussy when it comes to skincare, so I think it says a lot when picked these two to be a part of my daily skincare routine.   

Both of these formulas have a lightweight feel and dries super quick without leaving the classic greasy sunscreen feeling. They also wear super well under makeup or alone for makeup free days. When I used to work at Sephora, I would recommend the Shiseido to everyone who was looking for an everyday sunscreen. I gave this one lady a sample of it because she was hesitant of investing in another sunscreen that she might not like. She came in a few days later to purchase it. I tend to reach for the Neutrogena over the Shiseido because it's inexpensive and there's more of it! Moral of the blog post is, please don't forget your sunscreen especially with the warmer weather coming up!