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Two words: gold & pearl. These are my three staple jewelry pieces I've been gravitating towards whenever I want a bit of *bling bling*. Both the rings and cuff bracelet were gifts from my sister - birthday: cuff bracelet and Christmas: rings. Shoutout to Camilla, even though I doubt she's reading this. The rings came in a pack of 8ish (not sure if I lost some or misplaced any of them before shooting), you can wear them as normal rings or as midi rings - depending on the size, talking about finger and/or ring. And the stunning double pearl earrings were gifts from my aunt in Brazil.

So summarize this post, remember ladies *and gentlemen, don't forget about your *bling bling* when you leave the door! (and yes, that can include your pearly whites! SMILE!!) 


Here's is that Valentine's Day post. The special day (for some people) is just around the corner, literally... it's tomorrow. But for all you single ladies and gentlemen, who ever said Valentine's Day couldn't be a day of feeling pampered and pretty for yourself. Here are a few of my "glamorous" beauty products pictured above. What's everyone's Valentine's Day plans? My plans will consist of warm green tea, chicken noodle soup in bed, a face mask of some sort (either Kiehl's Rare Earth or Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin mask) and living vicariously through every social media outlet covering NYFW. Sigh, if you haven't guessed it from my *exciting* plans, I'm miserable with the flu. And just a friendly reminder: the best part about Valentine's Day is the day after, when all the sweets go on sale! 
Welcome to the premiere installation of MIUSPIRATION

Miuspiration will be a monthly-ish post consisting of things I've been inspired by, things I like/ want, and random bits I just like looking at. We'll make it up as they come along, as I do with most of the things on here. If you'd like to see more of a daily inspiration-mood board, you can check out my tumblr @themiuse. Let's begin! 

1. Ms. Emily Weiss & Glossier | I'm sure most of you are familiar with Into the Gloss but how many of you know the founder, Emily Weiss? Well for starters, she was on the popular TV show The Hills with Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. I'm not sure what Lauren and Heidi are up to these days, but Emily has been making a name for herself in not only the beauty industry but in the business industry as well. She has definitely come a long way since her cameo appearance. This year, she made the Forbes 30 under 30: Retail list. Once the list comes out, I like to read through all the "young game changers, movers and makers". It's always inspiring to read what people are doing and their stories to how they got to where they are today (read Emily's story here). Emily recently launched Glossier, a range of beauty products including: moisturizer, lip balms, tinted moisturizer, spray and (recently added) masks. Everyone should go check out Glossier. And one last remark, Glossier's branding is so on point - probably one of my current favorites! 

2. Mr. Ben Brown - Dog Sledding | Ben is one of my favorite YouTubers because he is constantly inspiring me through his photography, film making and travels. He is currently traveling around Canada and many people, like myself, are vicariously experiencing Canada through his daily vlogs and Instagram feed. One of his recent vlogs took his viewers dog sledding and to say I didn't immediately jot down "to go dog sledding one day" on my bucket list, would be a complete lie. Go check the video here

3. Snapchat from Camilla ft. horoscope | "Compete for more career responsibilities over the next few days. Look sharp. Learn from failure and adjust your aim to suit. Persistence pays off. Calm a loved one's nerves. Rejuvenate an old bond." That is all. This is more of a personal inspiration, but I can share - apply it to your lives as well, it doesn't matter if you're a Scorpio or not! 

4. Ms. Margaret Zhang & Shine by Three | Margaret has always been one of my biggest inspirations. She does it all at the young age of 21. Ms. Zhang is a law student, writer, stylist, photographer, creative director, blogger and read more here. On Shine by Three, she shoots most of her own photos, (also known as her "self-portraits". If you've ever attempted to shoot your own photos with a remote, tripod and timer, you would understand the level of difficulty. Check out her latest post she shot. And not to mention, she has the sickess Instagram feed! 

5. Year 2015 | I feel like everyone is inspired by the new year. So yeah, let 2015 be a year-round motivation/ inspiration (motiration) to do your best everyday to work towards your goals and aspirations. And when it's  December 31, 2015,  you will be able to reflection back on this year and say it was a kick-ass year (insert fist-bump emoji here).

6. Chanel Haute Couture Spring/ Summer '15 | Karl does it again. The Chanel Haute Couture Spring/ Summer '15 Collection was stunning. The collection embraces the upcoming spring/ summer floral trend, midriff-baring tops, and my personal favorite... stunning head pieces. A lot of the head pieces featured beanies with scattered floral appliques and jewels. Fashion week season is about to start, and I'm predicting these Chanel beanies will be keeping all the fashion bloggers and editors fashionably warm. 

Hope you guys enjoyed our first Miuspiration post. I would love to hear about things that has recently inspired you. Stay tuned for next month's post, but if you'd like to check more day to day post, follow me on Instagram and Tumblr