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Summer is the time to let your little toes breathe. These shoes are the ones I have reached most for this season. My summer picks range from the ultra comfortable (Birkenstocks) ones to more semi-classy ones. I've had my converses for nearly 4 years, and they are literally my go to shoes for anytime of the year because they go with everything! And just recently, I brought back some goodies from Brazil: Via Mia flats and Arrezo sandals. As for the Birkenstocks and Zara shoes, I got major deals on them. I found the Birkenstocks Papillio at my local Tj Maxx store. And I can thank the Zara semiannual sale for the gorgeous Zara buckle sandals. 

1. Birkenstock Sydney Papillio: Silver Metallic (tj maxx) 
2. Zara: Leather Sandal w/ Buckle Burgundy (sale) 
3. Converse All Star: Optical White 
4. Arrezo: Beige Gold (not available anymore) 


  1. Wow! What a collection, you have so many! My favourite have to be the converse though! Abi :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words! As you can tell, I sort of have a shoe obsession (and yes no one can deny the classic converse). xx

  3. These are so cute!! I've really been wanting to get a pair of Birkenstocks lately and now I want to even more! Thanks for this great post! Please come visit me as well at Thanks for letting me read!

    1. Thank you Melissy! You should definitely get a pair of Birkenstocks, I promise you won't regret it... I got mine from TJ Maxx so I didn't have to break the bank to add them to my collection. Already checked out your blog, keep up the great content and it looks great!! xx