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I can't help myself but to become plant (succulent) obsessed over the summer. Every summer, we seem to make our way into Home Depot or Lowe's and leave with loads of plants and potting soil. I find it relaxing to watch plants grow and bloom as the summer days pass. Lately, there has been a cactus/ succulent craze on the interweb - Instagram, Pinterest, and countless blogs on Bloglovin' (seriously can't go onto a blog without spotting the little beauties). I started becoming obsessed with succulents and cacti when @essiebutton started showing them in her videos especially on her vlog channel (which I'm obsessed with essiebuttonvlogs).

Building a collection of succulents and cacti takes time, just like it would with any other type of collection. I started with three little plants from IKEA, which are still going strong, and now I have about ten potted plants. Recently, we stopped by Lowe's to check out their selection of succulents and cacti. As you can see from the photos, they had a plentiful amount of plants. I couldn't help but to take out my iPhone to document all the colorful and different plants. Just look at how photogenic the succulents/cacti are, these pictures were taken from my crappy little iPhone 4s. The last picture shows some of the plants we brought home with us. I'll be sure to show you guys how we planted everything!


  1. I love your photos!
    They're amazing.


    1. Thank you Maria :) I have an unhealthy obsession over succulents and cacti xx