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Whenever we visit Brazil, we always manage to bring back a few unique treasures. This past visit was a quick two week visit to see family. As you may all know the World Cup was in Brazil, and Salvador, Bahia (my mom's hometown) was one of the host cities. Sadly, as you all may know, Brazil was brutally knocked out of the finals by Germany. But enough football talk and more about the goodies I managed to bring back.

Firstly everything pictured is from Brazil (except for the Ray Ban clubmaster sunnies - I thought they added a nice summer vibe to the picture). Let's start off with the beautiful handmade carpet; isn't it a beauty? We purchased it during our last day in Praia do Forte. Praia do Forte is a beautiful beach village about an hour drive from Salvador. It is known for the Projeto Tamar which is an environmental project to protect the extinction of the sea turtles. I would highly recommend spending a day or two if you are ever visiting Salvador. Around the beach there are little shops selling handcrafted goods and a delicious variety of restaurants. Luckily we decided to purchase somethings when our uncle and aunt came to pick us up because they are professionals at bargaining. We picked up some other handmade goods that day including - more carpets, table mats, beach cover ups, hammocks and the stone carved jewelry box. As for the evil eye pieces (bracelet - bottom left and key chain), we bought them at a market while running errands with our aunt.

You cannot visit Brazil and not bring back a bikini, it's just not possible. I especially like Brazilian bikinis because there is less fabric on the bum which makes them more flattering. The beautiful blue bikini from Salinas (similar) was part of their winter collection sale. Speaking of sale, Farm Rio had a major sale event during our stay and that is where I found my tan embroidered shorts. Farm Rio is a very popular brand in Brazil because it truly exemplifies their tropical laid-back beachy lifestyle, and all the celebrities wears Farm Rio on the popular soap operas. And the gold sandals are from ARREZO, seriously one of my favorite Brazilian store. The other pair of shoes I managed to bring back is from Via Mia. I have never bought anything from the store but quickly became obsessed with everything after walking in. The espadrille flats are the next best thing to walking barefoot; they are just so comfortable from the soft leather lining.

As for the jewelry, we've always love Trudys because of their trendy affordable pieces. They always have the latest jewelry trends - so I picked out the double pearl earring and evil eye bracelets. The Senhor do Bonfim bracelet was gift from my aunt (well everything we got from Brazil was a gift, thanks to the best aunts ever!) - apparently all the girls from my family has one, so Camilla and I weren't left out.

*As for the sweets: the pink wrapper ones are Sonho de Valsa which are one of the most popular chocolates in Brazil. The literal translation is Dream Waltz - it's seriously a dream waltz in your mouth! And the other ones are Dulce de Leche candies - one of my favorite sweets especially the Doce Caseiro (I think this is the brand my aunt always gets us)*

Bikini Salinas | Sandals ARREZO | Earrings & Bracelets Trudys | Eye Pieces Street Market | Sunnies Ray Bans | Shorts Farm Rio | Espadrille Flats Via Mia | Carpet & Jewelry Box Praia do Forte


  1. Brazil?! So jealous! Fascinated by all of the accessories. Lovely finds! :D

    ♥ | | xoxo

    1. Yeah, Brazil has some of the most beautiful and unique pieces.. I always try to stock up when I visit. Thanks for commenting! xx