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421 S Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 

Finally got to try out the famous KazuNori located in Downtown Los Angeles with Sydney. And let me just say.. it did not disappoint. I still have yet to try out SugarFish but from what I've heard, KazuNori is where it's at. We were both quite hungry when we got to the resturant, so we opted for the patio outdoor seating area - plus it was such a nice day out, no reason not to sit in the sunshine and people (mostly dog) watch.

We both ordered off the "Cut Roll Set Menu" and got the 16 piece with lobster, it was only $2.00 more for lobster, so we were like why not? The 16-pc w/ lobster came with: 4 daily cut roll, 4 cucumber roll, 4 blue crab roll, and 4 lobster roll. Overall, I approve! It's a great spot to grab lunch or dinner with a friend/ date/ family/ co-worker/ etc.. Plus isn't it so aesthetically pleasing? 

Hi there! Everyone having a great week so far? Well last weekend was the first time I actually fully attempted to "vlog" it. Vlogging or vlog = video + blog .. basically a video blog - just a little FYI if you don't watch YouTube. Check it out and let me know what you think, bare with me - I'm awkward in front of the camera and first time actually keeping in my "talking" part in the video lol. I spent Friday with Brandon - we went to 3rd Street Promenade to do a bit of shopping and watched Deadpool (highly recommend). Saturday was a much needed BEACH day - I haven't been to the beach in about 2-3 months and that's a long time for me! The day started out pretty hazy and the beach was still covered in the thick marine layer. By the 2PM the sun came out and ended up being the perfect beach day. We went to Santa Monica (& skated/ rollerbladed/ walked to Venice) and chilled out most of the day. I also did yoga for the first time, that was interesting - not as easy as it looks, that's all I've got to say. Got my workout in with (attempting to) skateboarding. Sunday was spent with my friend Jonathan, just a good catchup chill day - talked loads about photography and life goals and how we are confused about life - but that's you're early 20's for ya ... am I right? We chilled at Griffith and Little Tokyo // and got ice cream in Chinatown at a place called Scoops - highly recommend this ice cream shop! Overall, yet another great weekend in Los Angeles with amazing friends! Peace out!! 

Sparkle and shine just like these gorgeous pieces from ThePeachBox. The folks at ThePeachBox were so kind to gift me these gorgeous arm candies. I've been getting more into jewelry lately especially easy simple dainty ones. I selected the Roman Empress Bangle - Gold and the Aztec Warrior Bangle - Gold - these pieces and most of the things on their website are easy/simple pieces to dress up any outfit. So if you're still looking for that Valentine's Day gift to give your special someone, I'd recommend checking out their website. Kisses!! 
Plants, palm trees, succulents, cactus .. literally anything green, green juice? salads? the green crayon in your box  of 24 Crayola crayons?? Is all the rage on Instagram, Tumblr, blogs, etc. To me it's kind of humorous (actually I LOVE IT) to see everyone posting plants on their feed, I mean come on #plantgoals !! Here's a little Saturday afternoon post for you guys featuring some of my lush foliage pictures I recently took.  Wishing everyone a lovely weekend! It's almost Chinese New Year, so Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates it!! xx 

Also a little side note: I recently created a second account @miuspirations for inspiration pictures - more like architecture, landscapes, plants (lol), vibes pictures .. basically less #ootd pics and more #inspo pics, give it a follow - I promise there will some awesome pics on it very soon from my upcoming NYC trip.  

San Francisco will always be one of my favorite cities, definitely top 5. I'd highly recommend visiting the city at least once in your lifetime. I've had the opportunity to visit the city twice prior to this recent trip with Camilla and Sydney and it was by far the best visit (huge thanks to Sydney for being the best SF tour guide)! First time was to visit a friend from high school and the second time was with my dad before heading down to LA for the big move. My dad absolutely fell in love with the city (it had a lot to do with the large Chinese community and SF's Chinatown). 

We left LA Friday at 5am to start the drive up to SF. We decided to take the shorter route up and then take the scenic route down - can't wait to share the pictures from the drive down *absolutely breathtaking*.  We basically saw all of SF in two days - did all the touristy things like Fishermans Wharf, clam chowder at Boudin Bakery, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Painted Ladies, Treasure Island, Clarion Alley, etc.

I definitely want to visit the city more this year. It's a nice way to escape the crazy LA life and spend a weekend in a different city. San Fransisco is and will always be one of my favorite cities. If you've been to SF before, what are some of your favorite spots - restaurants, coffeeshops, places to shop, photo spots, etc.?  If you guys want to check out more photos and get a sneak peak into the California coast pictures, visit my Instagram @themiuse. Thanks for reading :)